Pizza Party

Every Friday night we have pizza night at our house. Every single week. Our kiddos look forward to Friday night pizza nights and when we found out my oldest son’s actual birthday fell on a Friday we knew instantly a Pizza Party had to happen! Lucky for us, we won a Pizza Party at Ele’s Place Derby Day auction last spring and have been holding on to our certificate waiting for Fall to arrive! Well the wait is over….it’s Pizza Party week!

With Fall, planning a party is crazy with college football schedules so we decided to have our first ever after school party and it was genius. It’ll be hard to go back to Saturday parties after this one.

Each child got to decorate their own pizza apron while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Chef Hats + Aprons to decorate
Make your own pizza cookies for dessert — these were a BIG hit with the kiddos!

Pepperoni – red m&m’s
Sausage – brown m&m’s
Red icing
Onions – white/yellow gummy worms
Green Peppers – green gummy worms
Cheese – shredded white chocolate bar
Pizzas – sugar cookies
Love how they turned out!
Making their own pizzas!
The cutest cake ever!!

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