It’s The Great Pumpkin Visit

Every year on October 30th we watch “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” as a family with Halloween Bark (seriously, if you haven’t tried it you must!) and the Great Pumpkin always comes to visit! They always fill up our kiddos Halloween buckets with treats/trinkets to celebrate on Halloween night! We even added a Great Pumpkin dinner that includes Pig-Pen Punch, Snoopy’s Salad, Linus & Lucy’s lasagna, Charlie Brown’s cheesy bread, and Great Pumpkin cookies! It’s been a hit at our house for YEARS and something we look forward to every year. Do you have a Hallow Eve’s tradition?!?

The great Pumpkin setup
The Great Pumpkin came!!

I love our family traditions and hope they can create memories that last a lifetime for our children.

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