Fireman Birthday Party

Welp. Didn’t mean to take a blogging break but life happened and then COVID hit.

Friends 2020 is weird. And I’m very ready to say hello to 2021.

Before this year’s Fall birthdays happen I thought I should share our last Fall party — FIREMAN birthday party at our local firehouse! COOLEST party everrrrrrr. And we had the SWEETEST firemen who did everything to make our son feel so special and our friends have the best time! We ate pizza & cake in the fire kitchen, put out fires with a REAL fire hose, rode in a REAL firetruck honking the horn, and took a tour of the facility + tried on fire gear. I’m telling you this was a FAVORITE party for sure. THANK YOU firefighters for everything you do for us day in and day out.

The perfect cake thanks to Dexter Bakery!

Can’t believe we are now planning this years birthday parties – COVID style, which means it will just be family and NOT a big over the top planned party. Don’t worry 2021 we’ll be back. 😉

Happy Monday, friends!!

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