Amazon Lately

I don’t know about you but i’m obsessed with priming ALL THE THINGS and am always curious to see what others are priming to their houses. So I thought i’d roundup my latest Amazon purchases and share!

Just finished The Simple Wild and it was SO SO SO good that I had to pick up the next book in the series Wild at Heart and cannot wait for it to arrive this week!

Thinking about all things Elf on the Shelf I went ahead and picked up our advent calendars for our Elf to deliver at our North Pole Breakfast.

I have NO idea when I became a “plant lady” but just picked up our second house plant and i’m in love!

After our first week of school I realized we needed WAY more masks on hand and so I went ahead and scooped up this pack to send extras to school, keep on hand in the car, etc… and my kids love the camp print. 😉

Over the past few months I have started to donate our “baby items” and one of them being our Boon drying rack. We LOVED it but I was ready to say goodbye and get a more “adult” friendly one and scooped up this one. Works great and have gained SO MUCH counter space!

This next item flooded by IG feed and I finally broke down and got it … and i’m 50/50 on it. Maybe it’s our water? but I don’t get the same results everyone else is getting…however, I do love that it only uses water to wash your windows. I have tried it out on our glass shower door, car windows, and everything else I can think of. 😉

Hands down my favorite thing is this….the bug bite thingy! It WORKS so so so goooood!!! Days after a bite and it still works. I’m hooked. My family is hooked. Don’t go camping or to a sporting event without it.

Lastly, is I finally got the dog food + treats underhand and am OBSESSED with our new storage container. It fits perfectly under our counter and the kids can feed the dog without making a huge mess. Win Win for this mama!

That’s a roundup of my latest Amazon haul — happy priming, friends!!

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