At-Home Learning

We’re a couple weeks into virtual learning and wanted to share some of our favorite activities we’ve incorporated into our school time to keep the kids entertained off the screen while still learning.

Watch caterpillars form chrysalis and transform into butterflies with this fun Butterfly Mini Garden 

Try an easy science experiment with Baking Soda and Vinegar to learn about chemical reactions. STEAM Powered Family has several easy, kid-friendly experiments to try out!

Combine lessons on coloring mixing dinosaur facts with this Dinosaur Craft Kit
Kinetic Sand is always a winner with the kids!

The kids got so creative with this Marbling Paint Kit. We also had a mini-lesson on density to explain why the paint looked like it was floating on top of the denser water solution.

Butterfly Mini Garden // Dinosaur Craft Kit // Magnetic Tiles // Counting Balance Game //  Marble Run Game // Marbling Art Kit // Spin Art

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