Star Wars Birthday Party

I have to admit. I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie before May 4, 2020. They never intrigued me. But then quarantine happened. And then May the 4th be with you happened. Ever since then I’ve spent every week watching every. single. movie AND then The Mandalorian! 😱 Let’s just say after ALL that Star Wars watching my kids have become obsessed. So was there any surprise when they asked for a Star Wars theme birthday, no. Not at all.

Since we couldn’t do our typical birthday party we kept it simple, easy, and fun! I attempted my first balloon garland and am obsessed. We ordered pizza + cake and my kitchen stayed clean. Yes, please.

R2D2 inspired balloon garland
Birthday donuts aka Death Star Donuts 🍩
The cutest cake everrrr

2020 is NOT the year or the party we had planned but it sure ended up pretty perfect. 🙂

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